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Recently I participated in the Southern seasonal exchange. Last time it was on I thought I’d love to do it, but never did.

This time I didn’t want to miss out!

If you haven’t heard of it, basically you get paired up with a partner from somewhere in the world and send each other someĀ  handmade goodies with the seasonal theme (obviously this one was Autumn).

So exciting waiting for a special parcel to arrive!

My partner Kylie sent me the most beautiful things, we love them all! Estelle was so excited she decided it was her turn to arrange the nature table with our new items.

Included was the beautiful autumn angel, an earth gnome inside a felted egg, a felted playscape and a lovely postcard.

I think she did a pretty good job of arranging things! I hung the angel while she ran and got the duck for the pond. The white easter hare is in the meadow. I’m not sure what the green and blue blocks are for, maybe food for the hare? Her favourite was this teeny tiny earth gnome. Anything miniature will win her heart everytime!

So cute!

(I don’t know why there is a big line through that photo but I can’t seem to fix it…)

I sent to Kylie a standing doll, a little felt easter rabbit and a ceramic pot and some seeds to make an easter garden.

This was the only picture I got, because I of course forgot until I was ready to back out of the driveway to post it that I needed to take a picture. I ran back inside and snapped this one.

Luckily Kylie was lovely and sent me this one of her in her new home. Thanks Kylie!

You can read about the season exchanges here, maybe you would like to join for the next one?!


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