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Lately I have been sick of all the ‘stuff’ hanging around the house gathering dust. You know all that stuff you think you need before you have the first baby, but once they arrive it turns out you don’t really NEED any of it?! I decided it was time to cull all the things I had been saving just in case. If I haven’t used it in the last two months, it’s gone!

These are the things I couldn’t live without:

My ergo baby carrier.

This photo was taken a few months ago, Alice was about 4 months then. It doesn’t matter though, it’s pretty much exactly how she looks now when she’s in the Ergo too! I love my ergo because I can have that sweet, fluffy little head close enough for a kiss while doing the housework, shopping or anything else I need my hands free for. I would say it’s Alice’s favourite place to be, tucked away in her pouch, experiencing the world from the safety and closeness of mummy’s arms. So everyone’s a winner. Awesome!

My stick blender.

I probably could live without this one if I wanted to mash everything with a fork or push it through a sieve, but who has time for that? This makes baby food so quick and easy to make, pureed in seconds. It makes life so much easier to have a few meals in the freezer. Frozen apple or pear cubes are great to add to hot porridge, I just pop the frozen cube in when the porridge is cooked and stir it through to defrost which also cools the hot porridge to a suitable temperature. Then it’s ready to eat straight away without having to wait. Nothing worse than a hungry baby and the food is too hot. Of course they taste good on their own too. I will often mash up whatever vegies we are having for dinner for Alice to eat, but it is always good to have freezer meals to call on if dinner is running late or we’re having something unsuitable for her. Best of all, I know what’s in it. Definately no preservitives or added sweeteners or anything nasty and it’s SO much cheaper than buying jarred food. I don’t find it any more difficult to be out and about with home made baby food (actually I can’t compare because I don’t buy jarred food), I just put a few cubes into a container and pack it into a tiny cooler bag with my spoon and bib when I leave in the morning and it’s defrosted and ready to eat by lunchtime. Easy.

My bumgenius nappies.

After trying a few different cloth nappying options, I have found these to be very reliable and easy to use. Although I do use a different nappy for night (baby beehinds bamboo fitted) these are the best ‘work horse’ nappy I have tried. I have saved sooo much money by using cloth, and they look pretty cute too! The environmental factor was also a big decider for me, did you know that every disposable nappy ever used is still sitting in landfill somewhere breaking down? Poor earth. It’s really not much more washing, a load every second day, which I don’t really notice with all the laundry I do anyway.

So I think that’s it. Those three things are the only things I actually need, aside from some clothing. As you can see in the last pic there, the baby makes her own fun with pretty much anything around the house. Toys are fun but so is everything else! Didn’t need the baby bath, she prefers to have a bath with her sister. I also didn’t need the mountain of clothes she grew out of before she wore them twice. Of course i did keep a few other items that we use (such as the highchair), but these are my favourites.

As I go through life I’m learning that it’s always best to simplify!


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