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I thought I would share how to make this because it is so easy, it smells awesome and is safe for little helping hands.

All you need is some beeswax and oil (olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, walnut oil, etc will all do wonderfully).

I use a blend of olive and coconut oil. The coconut oil gives it a nice mild smell, I personally would find it too strong if I used just the coconut oil but that’s just me.

Basically you use 1 part beeswax to 3 parts oil. This gives a nice creamy paste. If you wanted a more solid polish you would add more beeswax.

First you measure the size of the container you will keep it in. I’m using this tin that used to hold tea leaves.

I filled it with water and then measured the contents in a jug. Mine was 1 cup.

Then measure out the oil (I used 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup coconut oil) and pour this into a bowl.

Then grate the beeswax and add this to the oil (I used 1/4  cup beeswax). Grating the beeswax will help it to melt much faster.

I will just add here that when choosing items to use with the wax, keep in mind that you must be prepared to sacrifice them  to the wax gods because they will never be the same again. I have a bowl, grater and knife that I have kept to use solely for the purpose of melting wax so I don’t have to keep destroying perfectly good cutlery and bowls. What I would really love is a mini crock pot for melting wax, but it is yet to materialise in my thrifting adventures…

Anyway, put the bowl in the microwave and melt the wax, I usually heat for 30 seconds at a time stirring in between to check if ready.

When beeswax is fully melted into the oil, carefully give it a stir and then pour into the container. Remember you are handling hot oil, so be very careful and make sure there are no little hands around to touch.

As the mixture cools, you will need to stir it a few times to make sure you end up with a smooth and creamy paste with no oily or waxy spots in the polish.

This is what it looks like when cooled.

Great for use on wooden toys and furniture. I plan on sanding all the varnish off the wooden plates and bowls we have been collecting from the thrift stores for our little play kitchen and waxing them so they match in colour,  because I really need another project.


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