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Last week we decided to make some lavender eye pillows. I felt like sewing and Estelle felt like sinking her hands into a bowl of rice (who doesn’t love to do that??) so it was a win all round. These were really easy to sew and turned out to be very kid friendly as Estelle had a great time mixing the rice and lavender while I did the sewing. We made 3 of them in about 45 minutes, which was just about the same time Estelle’s concentration ran out. Perfect.

I’ll include some basic instructions so you may feel inspired to make one too.

  • Gather all materials. You will need rice, dried lavender, fabric for inside bag, fabric for outside cover, a bowl for mixing and instruments for cutting out fabric.
    ( I chose to make the pillow with a cover so it can be removed and put through the washing machine.)

  • Get the very eager nearly 3 year old occupied with some rice and lavender pouring.

I didn’t measure exactly how much we put in but I would guesstimate it to be 2 cups of rice to 1/2 cup lavender. We had planned to make 4 pillows, but this only filled 3.

  • Cut out pieces of fabric. For each pillow you will need 2 pieces of fabric for inside bag 20cm x 12cm and 1 piece of fabric for outside cover 45cm x 14 cm. Actually you could make them any size or shape you like, this is just the measurements mine worked out at for a small rectangle shape.

  • Stitch along the two long sides and one short side of the rectangle leaving one short side open. Turn out.

Put in some lavender mix, only fill to about halfway or just over.

  • Tuck in the raw edges and stitch up the open end .

  • Next you take the long piece of fabric for the cover to the ironing board. Fold the raw edge of the short side in about 1 cm and press. Fold in again and press. Repeat with the other side. Stitch these down. Then, overlap the hemmed ends in the centre and pin with the right sides of fabric together.

  • Stitch down the open sides to make an envelope of sorts. Turn inside out,  pop in your bag of lavender and you’re done! Easy peasy.

Then put them in the fridge until after lunch when you’re feeling a bit tired, and covered in promite and peach, and take one to bed to relax with your ballerina bear.

I have been wanting some of these in the fridge for a while now, they feel lovely on your head when you’re a bit hot or have a headache.

I know what I’ll be doing later on….



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New pants

With Autumn on our doorstep, I decided some new clothes for the cooler weather are needed.

Some knitting projects are in the works but I’ll save that for another day.

Today, it’s about new pants. In Estelle’s case, yellow linen ones.

With a little splash of rainbow butterflies at the bottom. These are made from the most buttery soft linen, I found this piece of it in the remnants bin at the fabric store. I wish it was a bit bigger so I could have made some for myself!

Worn outside for three minutes and they look like this. Exactly what I would expect from my little free spirit.

Free as the breeze whispering through her hair.

Alice’s pants were made from an old skirt which I haven’t worn for a long time.

Elephant pants. Every baby needs some of those.

Plenty of room for a big, cloth bum. Something that store bought pants sometimes seriously lack.

And a nice, wide fold up cuff at the bottom that I can turn down as she gets taller. Therefore making the pants last longer. Awesome.

Precious girl.

And last for today, some cute little matchy match flanelette pyjama’s for our two babies. (mine & Estelle’s) I found this small piece of beautiful quality flanelette at the thrift store for 50 cents.  Just enough to make some warm pants for Alice and squeeze a teeny tiny pair out of the scraps for Jessi (Elle’s doll). Jessi is looking lovely and clean in this picture, I’m glad I now have a picture of her looking so fresh. She is normally quite a brown colour after collecting bits and pieces from all the places she goes travelling. Yesterday I found her in Estelle’s room covered in sunscreen. Elle was dressed in her swimmers also covered in sunscreen. They were getting ready to go to the beach. Thankfully apart from a big oil stain on her back, most of the sunscreen did wash out of Jessi’s skin. Jessi is a handmade waldorf doll made by a lovely lady in America who doesn’t make them anymore. She’s also Estelle’s friend.

Dolls need new pants to keep warm too.

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new hat, the revised edition

You may be thinking that I have lost motivation in the early stages of this self imposed ‘year of action’. Although it may seem so, it is not that I have not been busy making, it’s just that I have not been so busy taking photos of these things. I think a crafting update is overdue.

A while ago I made Alice a new hat.

Whilst she thought it to be pretty tasty, it certainly didn’t fit great. It was from an ancient Enid Gilchrist pattern book. The straps were in the wrong spot, it didn’t fit snugly on her head and the brim was too floppy. I’m sure that none of those things are in any way a mistake in the pattern book, but they were certainly problems in my translation of it. So I decided to ‘fix’ it.

I redrew the shape of the the bonnet and the brim, added some elastic at the nape of the neck, moved the straps way down and stitched it all together in a way that made much more sense to me.

And after 3 practise versions made from an old bed sheet, we now have….

a hat that fits!

Sitting on the head of a very cheeky baby.

It does a great job of shading this precious little face.

Elastic in the back gives it a much better shape.

Can you guess what Alice’s favourite new trick is?

Well, all the fiddling was worth it. In the last few weeks of use it has fulfilled its duties well.

I find its vintage charm very appealing. In fact, I may need to make another one to keep in the car.

Or find some other babies to make hats for!

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A few other things I’ve made in the last few weeks.

A handbag as a birthday present for a little friend. Just a simple bag, I drew the pattern.

Perfect size for little three year old hands to stash things into.

Another little handbag, this one for Estelle.

Because a girl always needs  to carry her ‘special things’ around in case she may need them. I get that.

Three drawstring library bags for some other special kids to take to school.

…and some much needed coasters for our dining table.

Crocheted granny squares before felting,

Put it through the washing machine on a hot wash and voila! Felted coasters.

I used a wool soybean mix yarn for these coasters. I have now used this blend for a few felting projects and it felts really well, so there’s a tip if you’re planning a felting project!

Nothing too exciting, but practical and needed. No more wet rings on my table.

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A summery dress

Let me start out by saying, I am in no way an experienced sewist . Is that a word? Maybe I should have said sew-person. Seamstress! Doesn’t matter, what I’m saying is I haven’t done much ‘real’ sewing. As in, clothes from a pattern.  But you only learn by having a go right? I had bought this pattern, Simplicity 3511 to be exact, at least 8 months ago and put it on the pile of good intentions. It hadn’t been touched until last week when I went through my pile of projects with my ‘action hat’ on and picked out the next thing to tackle. A dress for Estelle. It looked pretty easy, and turns out it was. I learnt a few new skills and know a few things to do different next time. Overall, I’m quite happy with how it turned out. But was she happy with it?

Well, after being put through the tests of couch jumping,

chalk drawing and running in circles,

falling down, flower picking, flower counting,

and sitting in quiet contemplation,

I think we can safely say that it’s a pretty easy dress to be a kid in. She loves it! Which makes my work all the more worthwhile.

Here it is rather more stationary and still in pristine condition.

Looks much better on a body than on a hanger I am thinking.

I am also thinking that it was really satisfying and I am glad I finally just made it, what to sew next?

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sew me some love

Here it is, the first completed crafting project of the year.

A bovine buddy for a special little friends first birthday present. The pattern is from a pretty cute craft  book called Meet me at Mike’s.  This book is full of fun ideas, and I thought that if I was one year old,  I would like to own this fellow. So here he is.

I had to quickly snap a photo in the two seconds he was out of  Estelle’s attention.

Because she had decided he needed a herd.

And a paddock with shelter apparently.

Alice said she prefers horses.

I love to make things for little people. Estelle loves to tell everyone, “my mummy make this!”

She definately feels the love put into handmade’s. That warms my heart cockles that does.

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