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After the last pair of legwarmers I made for Alice turned out far too big, I cast another pair of tiny baby sized ones. I actually made them a few weeks ago but I have been really slack at taking pics of the things I’ve been making so I’m catching up now! She has been wearing them heaps, they’re perfect for keeping chubby little legs warm whilst crawling on the cold wood floor in the morning. Good for just hanging out in too.

It would seem that Alice shares the same passion for guinea pigs as Estelle. Lucky little pigs.

Some more afternoon fun…

I guess life is pretty good when you have warm knees.  Whats even better is using up all those little wooly leftovers from other projects.

Everybody’s happy!


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Morning present time,

Family over for morning tea,

Some yummy food to share,

Chocolate cake with berries, as requested,

Testing out her new things,

Baby sister loves them too,

Daddy gets ‘doctored’,

Three trips around the sun.


After a hectic week, awash with worry and sadness, it was refreshing to come together with our family and celebrate  this girl’s life.

This week we were reminded that life is short and gone in an instant.

But in saying goodbye to a loved one, it reminded me that it is so important to have special times spent together to store away as little treasures in our memory banks.

Family celebrating together, playing together, eating together and sometimes crying together.

These are the memories I will treasure.



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Helping hands


I love involving Estelle in the things I do around the house.

She gets such a great sense of achievement from helping me. To her it isn’t work, it’s fun to try out the things that she sees me doing.

It helps her to understand that things don’t just magically happen. We have clean clothes because we wash, dry and fold them. We have food to eat because we shop for it and prepare it. We put things back where they belong and clean up when we make a mess. I’ll just point out here that I don’t force her to do my housework or anything! If she’s showing interest I will offer her the opportunity to have a go. And a lot of the time, she is really helpful!

Everybody needs to feel important and valued and that they have the skills to be independent.

I know that Estelle finds it exciting to put the powder in the dishwasher and start it, fold a t-shirt, crack the eggs and whisk them, choose the place mats for dinner and set the table, feed the dog or clean the windows. These little rhythms that are part of our everyday life form her sense of security. They are things she knows, things she sees me doing, things she can do herself. Knowing she can do things to help, feeds her confidence and nourishes her spirit.

To me, that’s the best kind of home schooling.

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food, glorious food

Yes, the baby’s hungry.

Since she ticks my boxes for food readiness (can sit up, hold the food, get it in her mouth, loads of interest…) she’s been enjoying tasting some things much more flavoursome than the furniture!

Estelle was having cucumber and rockmelon for lunch. Alice was pretty pleased when she got some too!

Alice was being very protective of her rockemelon. And apparently, the best part about eating rockmelon is the slip and slide in the juice on the floor afterwards.

Raw carrots aren’t too much fun when you’re all gums. But she did enjoy them steamed and pureed.

Discovering food is a real adventure. Alice do you like food?

Yes, I thought so.

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Every Thursday is craft day in our house.

Not that craft doesn’t happen on other days, this is just the morning that we always sit down and do an activity together.

Sometimes we work for a few hours, sometimes for only 20 mins, depending on the mood of the morning. Last week we made a window star.

I had planned on making a few, but one was as far as we got with it being an enjoyable project for everyone!

We started folding, I thought Estelle did a pretty good job of folding the paper in half!

Then Estelle got bored with the folding and got the pastels out of the cupboard to draw for a while. She liked watching me fold the pieces for the star.

Alice had some fun with the paper too. The kite paper has a nice smooth feel and makes a lovely crunchy noise.

As soon as the glue came out, of course Estelle wanted in on the action too!

Sorry Alice, no glue for you.

A star!

Now on the window, doing a great job of distracting me from all that washing I should take off the line.

And also making me feel very pleased with myself for cleaning the window the other day too!

Craft time with kids doesn’t need to be too structured. I find the simple projects are usually the best ones because it’s easier for a young mind to engage in, and not  so overwhelming that they don’t want to have a go.  Also, I find flexibility is the key to success. If they’re not loving where you’re up to with the project, let them find something they’d like to do if you want to continue on. There is no point trying to keep going with an unwilling participant. It is supposed to be fun after all!

If you would like to make some window stars to brighten up your home too, I followed this tutorial for the folding instructions and bought the kite paper (also called wax paper) from here.

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My girl Estelle, is a ‘hands on’ lover.

She loves to cuddle and and touch and get as close as she can to the object of her affection.

This includes the guinea pigs,

Toby the super poodle,

her sister,


her dolls,

and anyone else who catches her eye.

So translated into our everyday life, I spend a whole lot of my day sounding like a broken record,

“Estelle let go of Alice’s face she needs to breathe”

“Please stop kissing Alice darling, her hair is all wet”

“Estelle lie next to Alice, not on her”

” Careful not to cuddle the guinea pig too tightly”

“The guinea pig is too big to fit in that handbag darling”

“Pleeeeease give Alice some space!”

I don’t like to harp on like that, but it is somewhat essential to the safety of the individuals who are much smaller than her that I do.

This morning I was sitting on the couch feeding Alice and Estelle was sitting next to me holding her hand.

Estelle said to me, “Mummy she’s holding my hand. ”

I said, “is she sweetheart?”

She let out a big sigh. “Mum, she just makes me love her so much all of the time.”

I smiled. I get that. I totally get that. Then I had a light bulb moment.

This girl of mine has so much love in that little heart of hers that it’s hard to keep it all in.

If she didn’t pour it out all over the ones she loves her heart could very well burst.

Being nearly three can get pretty tough, so many big emotions in one tiny body.

I will tuck this precious memory away for the next time I can feel my patience for her ‘smothering tendencies’ wearing thin.

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At this very moment, these are some of my favourite things.

They’re things I would like to remember because I’m sure they will change soon!

Fresh dates filled with cream cheese. Delicious. Perfect for when you need a sweet fix but don’t want to get stuck into the chocolate.

Although that would be good too…

I love when I’m feeding Alice and she raises her eyebrows with every gulp. It’s like each swallow is a lovely surprise. Makes me smile.

I also love watching her little feet disappear around the corner into Estelle’s bedroom.

Every opportunity she has, she’s straight into Estelle’s room getting into all her stuff. Making a mess. This also makes me smile.

Estelle has a real love for animals and has to ‘rescue’ any creature she finds. This is a cricket she found somewhere in the house.

She brought it to me holding it like this, on the bib, having a cuddle. After a few minutes, we took it outside and she put him on the grass.

She said he was feeling sleepy. He wasn’t moving. I agreed and we went inside.

In the afternoon, when the heat of the summer sun is fading. We go outside and relax in the yard before the busy evening begins.

We give our furry friends some love.

We go for a swing with our babies.

We marvel at the treasures of nature found right here on our very own piece of the earth.

Being outside under the sky and feeling connected with the earth is definately one of my favourite things. I’m glad they enjoy it too.

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