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Well somehow over a week slipped by and I didn’t even realise it!

I have been way too busy living life instead of blogging, and working really hard on a little project which I will hopefully be ready to share next week.

Anyway, I had said I would try and catch up photographing the things I’ve been making.

This is a little cardigan I made for Alice, in perfect timing because the temperature has certainly been dropping on these lovely Autumn afternoons. And by dropping I mean it’s been getting down below 17 degrees, which for us Queenslanders means it’s positively Arctic 🙂

And this is Alice pulling her best ‘I’m cold’ face.

The pattern is the ‘in threes‘ cardigan which I found on ravelry. I used a wool & silk blend yarn which my mum found on clearance at the craft store for only $3 a ball. Gotta love a cardigan for under $10! The buttons I bought ages ago from the wool shack, who have a beautiful selection of buttons. They are coconut buttons with detailed carved designs which I unfortunately didn’t capture very well in my photos. I love the tweedy look of this yarn. Perfect for hiding all the food and stuff that always ends up making it’s home on a baby’s clothing.

So baby’s warm, I’m happy.

In other news, today we went to the Capalaba regional park for the first time. I don’t know why we have never been there before when we live so close, I guess we just didn’t know how awesome it is!

Feeding the ducks, always a hit.

Giant metal drums that make a big loud bang.

Alice loved hitting this enormous xylophone.

Then we watched from the sidelines. Estelle was busy running around in crazy circles.

Way too much excitement… the slide? The swing? The rope ladder? All of them at once?

So much fun! And a great way to end the weekend, hanging out together at the park.

We will definately be back.


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After the last pair of legwarmers I made for Alice turned out far too big, I cast another pair of tiny baby sized ones. I actually made them a few weeks ago but I have been really slack at taking pics of the things I’ve been making so I’m catching up now! She has been wearing them heaps, they’re perfect for keeping chubby little legs warm whilst crawling on the cold wood floor in the morning. Good for just hanging out in too.

It would seem that Alice shares the same passion for guinea pigs as Estelle. Lucky little pigs.

Some more afternoon fun…

I guess life is pretty good when you have warm knees.  Whats even better is using up all those little wooly leftovers from other projects.

Everybody’s happy!

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Recently I participated in the Southern seasonal exchange. Last time it was on I thought I’d love to do it, but never did.

This time I didn’t want to miss out!

If you haven’t heard of it, basically you get paired up with a partner from somewhere in the world and send each other some  handmade goodies with the seasonal theme (obviously this one was Autumn).

So exciting waiting for a special parcel to arrive!

My partner Kylie sent me the most beautiful things, we love them all! Estelle was so excited she decided it was her turn to arrange the nature table with our new items.

Included was the beautiful autumn angel, an earth gnome inside a felted egg, a felted playscape and a lovely postcard.

I think she did a pretty good job of arranging things! I hung the angel while she ran and got the duck for the pond. The white easter hare is in the meadow. I’m not sure what the green and blue blocks are for, maybe food for the hare? Her favourite was this teeny tiny earth gnome. Anything miniature will win her heart everytime!

So cute!

(I don’t know why there is a big line through that photo but I can’t seem to fix it…)

I sent to Kylie a standing doll, a little felt easter rabbit and a ceramic pot and some seeds to make an easter garden.

This was the only picture I got, because I of course forgot until I was ready to back out of the driveway to post it that I needed to take a picture. I ran back inside and snapped this one.

Luckily Kylie was lovely and sent me this one of her in her new home. Thanks Kylie!

You can read about the season exchanges here, maybe you would like to join for the next one?!

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There has been a whole lot of snuggling been going on here for the last 2 days. I have a very sick little girl, tonsillitis and bronchitis at the same time is a bit rough for my very nearly 3 year old little princess. Today pretty much anything beyond cuddling on the couch was too much for her. So we stayed on the couch, and cuddled and read and rested. It was actually nice to sit down and just be. I usually struggle to sit still if I can see things around me to be done, but she needed me so I turned a blind eye and just sat.  And knitted.

Then she fell asleep, so I sat and knitted in the absolute quiet.  Bliss!

Knitting is good for the soul. I love taking a ball of wool, with so much potential (it could turn into anything!) and then casting on, adding to it here and there. Row by row, sometimes one or two at a time, sometimes one or two hours of rows at a time. Watching it grow into a hand made item wearable, useful, fun, full of love.

I finished my legwarmers just in time for Alice to try them on when she woke up!

I had intended these to be for Alice but they are a bit too loose around her little legs.

Perfect for Estelle though.

Nothing makes you feel better like two super soft merino snuggles for your legs. Almost as good as a hug from mum.

I did say almost.

(I got the pattern from here)

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little reminders

We are slowly painting the walls in our home from old, murky beige to ‘antique white’ .

I took all the old pictures down and have been quite slow to return any back to their place. In fact I haven’t put any back up! So, until this afternoon the walls have remained bare.

I love eclectic arrangements of photos, prints, and other random objects and I’m hoping that by getting these embroideries up on the wall it will inspire me to keep adding to it.

This is a little clock for Estelle’s kitchen. It was inspired by something similar I saw somewhere, sometime and I thought it would be a perfect little reminder for her.

She loves it. She keeps telling me it’s 4 o’clock. It’s always 4 o’clock where Estelle is.

The next one is for me.

Pretty bad photos I know, but when you’re taking pictures whilst cooking dinner, bathing kids, bringing in washing, and banging holes in the wall you take what you can get!

I plan on doing an arrangement of the girls’ photos with this one so I thought it was appropriate.

It’s one thing I hope to never lose sight of.

Some little handmade reminders of love. Can never get enough of that!


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A few other things I’ve made in the last few weeks.

A handbag as a birthday present for a little friend. Just a simple bag, I drew the pattern.

Perfect size for little three year old hands to stash things into.

Another little handbag, this one for Estelle.

Because a girl always needs  to carry her ‘special things’ around in case she may need them. I get that.

Three drawstring library bags for some other special kids to take to school.

…and some much needed coasters for our dining table.

Crocheted granny squares before felting,

Put it through the washing machine on a hot wash and voila! Felted coasters.

I used a wool soybean mix yarn for these coasters. I have now used this blend for a few felting projects and it felts really well, so there’s a tip if you’re planning a felting project!

Nothing too exciting, but practical and needed. No more wet rings on my table.

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