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After the last pair of legwarmers I made for Alice turned out far too big, I cast another pair of tiny baby sized ones. I actually made them a few weeks ago but I have been really slack at taking pics of the things I’ve been making so I’m catching up now! She has been wearing them heaps, they’re perfect for keeping chubby little legs warm whilst crawling on the cold wood floor in the morning. Good for just hanging out in too.

It would seem that Alice shares the same passion for guinea pigs as Estelle. Lucky little pigs.

Some more afternoon fun…

I guess life is pretty good when you have warm knees.  Whats even better is using up all those little wooly leftovers from other projects.

Everybody’s happy!


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Recently I participated in the Southern seasonal exchange. Last time it was on I thought I’d love to do it, but never did.

This time I didn’t want to miss out!

If you haven’t heard of it, basically you get paired up with a partner from somewhere in the world and send each other some  handmade goodies with the seasonal theme (obviously this one was Autumn).

So exciting waiting for a special parcel to arrive!

My partner Kylie sent me the most beautiful things, we love them all! Estelle was so excited she decided it was her turn to arrange the nature table with our new items.

Included was the beautiful autumn angel, an earth gnome inside a felted egg, a felted playscape and a lovely postcard.

I think she did a pretty good job of arranging things! I hung the angel while she ran and got the duck for the pond. The white easter hare is in the meadow. I’m not sure what the green and blue blocks are for, maybe food for the hare? Her favourite was this teeny tiny earth gnome. Anything miniature will win her heart everytime!

So cute!

(I don’t know why there is a big line through that photo but I can’t seem to fix it…)

I sent to Kylie a standing doll, a little felt easter rabbit and a ceramic pot and some seeds to make an easter garden.

This was the only picture I got, because I of course forgot until I was ready to back out of the driveway to post it that I needed to take a picture. I ran back inside and snapped this one.

Luckily Kylie was lovely and sent me this one of her in her new home. Thanks Kylie!

You can read about the season exchanges here, maybe you would like to join for the next one?!

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Picnic at the bay,


goodies on Sunday morning,

and of course a mama-made gift.

New friends.

Chocolate for breakfast?

Sorry Alice, you’ll have to stick to the duck I made for you…

I am loving this hair right now.

Morning tea with family, feeding the pet lizard.

Alice isn’t one to miss out the action.

“Estelle did you give Alice chocolate?” “No, I didn’t… she took it from the bowl herself!”

Tea party.

A daring escape.

Yep, love that hair… and these feathers.

A few days to relax together, just what this family needed.

Hope your Easter weekend was just as fun as ours was!

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Morning present time,

Family over for morning tea,

Some yummy food to share,

Chocolate cake with berries, as requested,

Testing out her new things,

Baby sister loves them too,

Daddy gets ‘doctored’,

Three trips around the sun.


After a hectic week, awash with worry and sadness, it was refreshing to come together with our family and celebrate  this girl’s life.

This week we were reminded that life is short and gone in an instant.

But in saying goodbye to a loved one, it reminded me that it is so important to have special times spent together to store away as little treasures in our memory banks.

Family celebrating together, playing together, eating together and sometimes crying together.

These are the memories I will treasure.



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Birthday Verse

In heaven shines a golden star

An angel lead you from afar

From heaven high unto the earth

And brought you to your house of birth

And the angel led you across the rainbow bridge saying:

‘Joy and laughter may you bring to everyone and everything’

And on the earth we looked at you and said:

‘Look at this precious gift from the heavens…

We shall name her Estelle Rose’

Estelle- ‘little star’- you landed in our galaxy and filled our world with your joy and light.

Every day you make me smile, my precious girl.

(And would you believe, I ended up with not even one photo of her smiling at the camera… )

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Fairy letters

Last week we went for a visit to the second hand shop. We’d had a long morning at home and cabin fever was setting in.

It was time to get out of the house!

So I found a few dollars for Estelle to put in her handbag and we were off to find some treasures.

Estelle is a funny person to shop with. She loves to sort items into colours and pairs, and re-organise messed up displays to her liking.

This is great sometimes because it does keep her occupied while I’m looking around, but on the other hand I do spend a lot of time waiting patiently for her to finish what she’s up to. Because, she definately does not need my assistance.

When we got to the shoe section there was a big box with all the slippers thrown in. I heard her say to the lady, “this a big mess, I need to clean it”.

I had a giggle to myself and went to look at some fabric. I turned around a minute later to see she had all the slippers, at least 10 pairs, lined up in a row across the floor now matched into pairs and being carefully placed back into the box. Funny girl.

After half and hour of searching around Estelle came to me excitedly carrying a ‘ootiful, ootiful fairy!’.

Her treasure had been found.

She placed it on her bedside table when we got home and for a while we were wondering what this curious little fairy object was.

Then it came to us. Of course! It was a fairy letterbox.

The next day when Estelle arrived home from kindy she was most excited to find a little note from a fairy named Bluebell, just like the fairy in her book.

Then she hid it under her bed for safekeeping.


Magic is everywhere.  Any magic in your home lately?

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new hat, the revised edition

You may be thinking that I have lost motivation in the early stages of this self imposed ‘year of action’. Although it may seem so, it is not that I have not been busy making, it’s just that I have not been so busy taking photos of these things. I think a crafting update is overdue.

A while ago I made Alice a new hat.

Whilst she thought it to be pretty tasty, it certainly didn’t fit great. It was from an ancient Enid Gilchrist pattern book. The straps were in the wrong spot, it didn’t fit snugly on her head and the brim was too floppy. I’m sure that none of those things are in any way a mistake in the pattern book, but they were certainly problems in my translation of it. So I decided to ‘fix’ it.

I redrew the shape of the the bonnet and the brim, added some elastic at the nape of the neck, moved the straps way down and stitched it all together in a way that made much more sense to me.

And after 3 practise versions made from an old bed sheet, we now have….

a hat that fits!

Sitting on the head of a very cheeky baby.

It does a great job of shading this precious little face.

Elastic in the back gives it a much better shape.

Can you guess what Alice’s favourite new trick is?

Well, all the fiddling was worth it. In the last few weeks of use it has fulfilled its duties well.

I find its vintage charm very appealing. In fact, I may need to make another one to keep in the car.

Or find some other babies to make hats for!

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