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Fairy letters

Last week we went for a visit to the second hand shop. We’d had a long morning at home and cabin fever was setting in.

It was time to get out of the house!

So I found a few dollars for Estelle to put in her handbag and we were off to find some treasures.

Estelle is a funny person to shop with. She loves to sort items into colours and pairs, and re-organise messed up displays to her liking.

This is great sometimes because it does keep her occupied while I’m looking around, but on the other hand I do spend a lot of time waiting patiently for her to finish what she’s up to. Because, she definately does not need my assistance.

When we got to the shoe section there was a big box with all the slippers thrown in. I heard her say to the lady, “this a big mess, I need to clean it”.

I had a giggle to myself and went to look at some fabric. I turned around a minute later to see she had all the slippers, at least 10 pairs, lined up in a row across the floor now matched into pairs and being carefully placed back into the box. Funny girl.

After half and hour of searching around Estelle came to me excitedly carrying a ‘ootiful, ootiful fairy!’.

Her treasure had been found.

She placed it on her bedside table when we got home and for a while we were wondering what this curious little fairy object was.

Then it came to us. Of course! It was a fairy letterbox.

The next day when Estelle arrived home from kindy she was most excited to find a little note from a fairy named Bluebell, just like the fairy in her book.

Then she hid it under her bed for safekeeping.


Magic is everywhere.  Any magic in your home lately?


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I love watching Estelle play. I love seeing her imagination bubble up and take her to another world where she is a farmer, or she’s going shopping, or for some reason there is a boy who is always eating her cake (??). Children are born with hungry little minds, uninhibited imaginations and full of pure, creative energy. The littlest thing can spark a whole new adventure. From a steiner perspective, for the first seven years of life the child lives in a dream like state, very much in their imagination. I can certainly see this is true in my little daydreamer! I think it’s so important (and fun!) to nurture and cultivate this power of imagination. It is wonderful to spend time with a kid who is full of ideas, stories and can create her own fun.

The other day we made some toilet roll binoculars.

Colour on the inside of the tube was definately important.

Determination with the sticky tape.

Do they work?

Yes, very impressed.

Then she packed them into a suitcase, grabbed her baby and went on ‘holidays to see birds’. Which apparently requires a scottish beanie. And because it was very cold there she kept coming home to her bedroom to pack more clothes.

I must admit I was somewhat horrified when I saw the state of her wardrobe after all of this ‘packing’. But, whatever! She played happily for a couple of hours. Such a simple little thing that inspired so much fun.  Awesome.

A few days later we made this from an egg carton.

A tractor for the farm!

Simple. Free. Took not much creativity or time on my behalf and led to a great story, which didn’t last very long because the baby got her hands on it and ate it. Soggy cardboard. Hmmm.

One of Estelle’s favourite things to do is choose something out of the kitchen, like a sieve or garlic crusher, and take it to her kitchen and pretend to use it.

Usually this involves a demonstration for her dolls and Alice. Funny.

I always look for toys that are open-ended, or that encourage a game. Not toys that are hard to make a game out of because they already do everything for you.

I try to keep toys to a minimum.Too many toys can be overwhelming and they end up sitting in the basket not getting used.

One thing I do is  regularly move around and change  ‘play corners’  so they don’t become boring and it’s like everything is new and exciting again.

Look at those farm animals all lined up in the barn (actually the gnome home) . So precious. And her baby tucked up so neatly into bed.

I love walking into her room and finding these little treasures.

This evidence of loving play is encouragement for this mama that I must be doing something right!

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